Insect Barrier

Don't Let Biting Pests Spoil Your Outdoor Fun.

Skeeter Beater™ is a safe, all natural solution that creates a barrier from biting mosquitoes, fleas, ticks black flies and gnats, and protects your family from the discomfort and potential disease associated with these pests. It is a very strong liquid garlic extract (over 99% garlic juice), proven to be an effective deterrent even to field mice, rabbits and deer. Garlic extracts have been used by gardeners and farmers for generations, and M&M is pleased to be able to offer this safe & effective program to homeowners.

Nothing spoils fun in the great outdoors more than annoying mosquitoes, and the diseases they can be harboring.


Protect your family from the deer tick, known to spread Lyme disease. Skeeter Beater™ is completely safe to use throughout your yard and garden, including your prized shrubs and flowers. Skeeter Beater™ is completely safe to use around children, pets, fish, birds, bees and food products.

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